Display Advertising

display advertising on goski.co.ukDisplay advertising is essentially a mixture of text, logo and images that is usually placed alongside editorial comment. These ads are often referred to as banners and can also include videos.

They are incredibly effective when placed online as you can target your audience much better than advertising in say a magazine and you can also evaluate success easier by analysing click throughs.

Display advertising can help you when you are re branding or launching a special offer. Or you may want to promote a new product or advertise a special promotion. The advantages of using GoSki.co.uk is that your display ad could appear on a specific ski resort or country page ensuring greater success.

At GoSki.co.uk we can handle all your display advertising needs no matter how large or small. We are used to working with agencies on large campaigns but can also work on smaller ads.

How Much Does Display Advertising Cost?

With prices starting from £20cpm (cost per 1000 impressions) we offer you the chance to target specific areas of our site where you can attract our users that are looking for ski holidays. We work with IAB standard size for leaderboard and MPU.

Who Have We Worked With?

Over the past 3 years we have worked with the Swiss Tourism Board, Swiss Air, British Airways, Ski Canada, Chamonix, Saastal, Mark Warner, Club Med, Crystal Ski, Saas-Fee and the Aosta Valley to name but a few.

Increasingly we get enquiries from specific ski areas or ski resorts to target competitors ski resorts and countries.

How Can I find out More?

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