Terms & Legals

Booking advice

GoSki Limited operates www.GoSki.co.uk and other websites that are referred to here as “website(s)”.

GoSki Limited own and manage "listing websites" and we do not get involved in the transaction between the holiday maker and the holiday supplier. As detailed in our terms and conditions we accept no liability or responsibility for goods or services delivered by an advertiser.

Whilst we take precautions to ensure that advertisers, their properties and businesses are genuine we would like to recommend that wherever possible you make payment by credit card.

For more information please go to the Consumer Direct Website and refer to this link http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk/before­_you_buy/thinking_about/holidays-and-travel

Privacy policy

GoSki Limited do not collect personal information unless you volunteer it via our contact forms, newsletter requests or advertising accounts.

The company requires that property owners and advertisers supply certain personal information, such as telephone numbers, email and postal addresses, during the registration and payment process.

The site can also collect additional personal information from visitors in an optional e-mail subscription form. This information may be combined with site usage reports to profile, in aggregate form, visitors and their preferences to site content and advertising.

We may also collect information about your visit to our website, based on your usage of our site. This may include the areas of the site you visit and searches and enquiries made. This helps us to provide better offers to you and products and services more suited to your individual interests and needs. For security and auditing purpose copies of information sent to the owner via this site may be retained by us.

If you are a registered property owner and believe that we are storing incorrect details relating to you, please email us and we will correct them as soon as possible. This information is stored in a central database, controlled by our administrative staff and will be accessible electronically.

Security measures are in place to ensure that our customers' data is not accessible by any unauthorised persons. However, IT personnel and administrative staff may need to have access to the system from time to time. We may use the information you provide to tell you about other offers from GoSki Limited